Bloom 2-5-3

Peak Harvest
Bloom 2-5-3

All-in-one organic liquid nutrient formula for heavy bloom production.


Peak Harvest Bloom 2-5-3

Grow your flowers, herbs, and fruits organically with Peak Harvest Bloom and unlock your garden’s producing potential. Experience the elevated level of flavors, aromas, and potency you’ve been reaching for.

All-in-one liquid organic flowering base nutrients. Derived from: fish hydrolysate, kelp, potassium sulfate, humic and fulvic acids, complex sugars, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins. This completely cold process formula contains the primary nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, bio-stimulants and carbohydrates needed for the biggest, brightest, most fragrant and flavorful fruits and blossoms you have harvested yet.

Sizes Available

32oz bottle / box of 12
1gal jug / box of 4
2.5gal jug / box of 2
6gal jug
55gal barrel
275gal tote

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Peak Harvest Bloom will help you realize your plant’s flowering potential. This rich combination of high quality fish hydrolysate, 3 species of kelp, humic acid and complex sugars is specially formulated to bring you the biggest, brightest, most fragrant and flavorful fruits you have harvested yet. Elevated levels of phosphorus present in Peak Harvest Bloom are crucial for producing heavy yields.

-All-in-one liquid base nutrients with macro and micronutrients, trace elements, sugars, carbon, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and amino acids
-High concentration requires lower application
-Cold processed fish and kelp, no unnecessary or destructive heating involved
-Humic and fulvic acids act to stimulate microbial activity in root zone and increase nutrient uptake
-Complex sugars increase plant brix levels

Application Instructions:
Shake well before use.
Peak Harvest Bloom is most effective when given time to activate. 12-24 hours in bubbling reservoir.
For containers plants dilute 5-15ml of Peak Harvest Bloom per gallon of water and drench the soil.
For larger plots mix 32 oz of Peak Harvest Bloom with a minimum of 8 gallons of water and spread over one thousand square feet 2-3 times per year or as needed.
Foliar application, mix 2.5ml of Peak Harvest Bloom per gallon of wate, fill sprayer and apply to top and underside of foliage to heavy drip.