Peak Coir – Premium Organic Coconut Coir

Peak Coir
Organic Coconut Coir

Natural and Organic Coco Coir From Inland India. Buffered With Natural Minerals, Low EC and Stable pH.


Peak Coir – Organic Coconut Coir

Peak Coir may be used in organic and hydroponic settings. It works well by itself in container gardening or may be used as an addition to other mixes. Peak Coir offers the gardener a medium with optimum water retention that also provides excellent drainage.

Peak Coir from Elevation Organics is a premium coconut coir from inland India that has a naturally lower saline content than coir from coastal coconuts. The coco is triple washed and buffered with a natural cal/mg for optimum results. Coco coir is a by-product of the coconut industry and is a great addition to your soil mix or a fast draining, standalone medium with great air and water retention. Try Peak Coir with Elevation Organics full line or with your current program!

Sizes Available

2 cubic foot bag / pallet of 55
2 cubic yard super sack